Introduction to myself :D

Who am I?

Hello people of the internet! My name is Amar but you better call me n1ghtmarE or.. orrrr….. eh never mind 😀

Okay so on a serious note, my name’s Amar “n1ghtmarE” Ademi and I’m an amateur YouTube content creator and a really decent graphic designer. I upload Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, different types of tutorials etc.

On this blog you can except some random rants about youtube, the process of editing a photo/video, days in my life, photo sessions, random usual bullcrap, etc.

My first video on YouTube video was uploaded around 5-6 years ago and it still lies as a private video on my channel since it’s way too embarrassing to keep public. My upload “schedule” (so to say) is quite random but at least I try to get a video up per week.

So yeah.

That’s me. Like me or not, I do not care.
You can find me on social media on these following links:

Thanks for reading and don’t forget, Peace and Love ❤

One thing you can expect from me is the overuse of emojis 😉 😀 ❤ :*


17 thoughts on “Introduction to myself :D

  1. Hey Amar. I am very glad you have joined our Digital Literacy class. I believe you have a lot of interesting stories to share. I like your style and I hope that in time you will become a very successful blogger. Just be you, ’cause that is what inspires others. Looking forward to your next blog posts! 😉

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  2. You sound serious and sarcastic.. I like it! I don’t like gaming though, but my brother would be thrilled to learn from you! P.S. love your new post. P.P.S stop being cool, can’t compete! 😛


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