Soif de l’eau a l’ecole

Projekt Uje

Hello dreamers, n1ghtmarE here.

Today I wanna talk about a French project which I was a part of, It’s called Soif de l’eau a l’ecole which literally translates to “Thirst for water in school” and the name’s kinda stupid 😛

Three schools participated in this project: “Lirija” from Tetovo, “Naim Frasheri” also from Tetovo and “Faik Konica” from Odri.

I had to record and edit these videos for the project. Check them out!


After I made these videos and photos, the participants were sent to Struga. There we had a lot of fun, even though we got promised an amazing hotel (it was utter ~Excuse the Language~ sh*t).

First day/night: The bus picked us up at 14:00 and we arrived at around 18:00 (Not quite sure, I’m a fish-head XD). After we arrived, we checked into our rooms, had dinner: 7 super cold Kebabs and a little bit of salad on the side, played a game about remembering names from the other school’s kids and our teachers played a movie which no one really cared about, they were just chit-chatting about random stuff. The teacher took our phones then we kinda sneaked them back. The night was horrible, beds were surprisingly comfy but the guys from the other room came over for a bit, and those idiots left the balcony door open so me and my friend froze.

Second day/nightBreakfast: One hard boiled egg, a little bit of white cheese, margarine jelly, and two loafs of bread. Didn’t touch anything, instead took a walk to the city and ate a panini instead. Walked around for a bit, and got back for the presentations to start. We presented the videos, had lunch: Steak and a little bit of salad which was cold, and chilled and relaxed for the next 4-6 hours. Once we were done chilling, me and a couple of other friends played cards with our head teacher, ate dinner: Macaroni with some weird white sauce and sided with boiled sausages, also cold and  then we had a party that lasted until 1:00 AM. At around the middle of the party, some students from the other schools, Got on the stage, told the DJ to play “Wiggle” by Jason DeRulo, and started twerking, everybody was stunned… That doesn’t sound right, lemme rephrase that: everybody was weirded out…

Third day (no night this time 😂): I got up, I didn’t really feel well, everyone went down to have breakfast, while I stood in my room and slept for a while. I woke up at around 11:00 AM then we gathered at 12:00 AM, got our packed lunch: Ham and Cheese sandwiches, topped with mayonnaise and Margarine, we got on the bus and headed back home!

In general, it wasn’t really that interesting for me.

You can also check out the projects’ blog.

So yeah, that’s about it. And remember, Peace and Love ❤


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