I’m done posting…

Hello dreamers, mali here…

Today I have good news and bad news for yah…
Bad news first: I am done with blogging…


Good news: I GOT A DOMAIN!

I’ll be blogging there from now on, so yeah, this is gonna be the last post you’ll probably see on this site. For recent posts, go check out n1ghtmareplaysgames.com i have already posted 2 new posts there. So yeah. That’s about it. My name has been mali, and I bid you all farewell ❤


Soif de l’eau a l’ecole

Projekt Uje

Hello dreamers, n1ghtmarE here.

Today I wanna talk about a French project which I was a part of, It’s called Soif de l’eau a l’ecole which literally translates to “Thirst for water in school” and the name’s kinda stupid 😛

Three schools participated in this project: “Lirija” from Tetovo, “Naim Frasheri” also from Tetovo and “Faik Konica” from Odri.

I had to record and edit these videos for the project. Check them out!


After I made these videos and photos, the participants were sent to Struga. There we had a lot of fun, even though we got promised an amazing hotel (it was utter ~Excuse the Language~ sh*t).

First day/night: The bus picked us up at 14:00 and we arrived at around 18:00 (Not quite sure, I’m a fish-head XD). After we arrived, we checked into our rooms, had dinner: 7 super cold Kebabs and a little bit of salad on the side, played a game about remembering names from the other school’s kids and our teachers played a movie which no one really cared about, they were just chit-chatting about random stuff. The teacher took our phones then we kinda sneaked them back. The night was horrible, beds were surprisingly comfy but the guys from the other room came over for a bit, and those idiots left the balcony door open so me and my friend froze.

Second day/nightBreakfast: One hard boiled egg, a little bit of white cheese, margarine jelly, and two loafs of bread. Didn’t touch anything, instead took a walk to the city and ate a panini instead. Walked around for a bit, and got back for the presentations to start. We presented the videos, had lunch: Steak and a little bit of salad which was cold, and chilled and relaxed for the next 4-6 hours. Once we were done chilling, me and a couple of other friends played cards with our head teacher, ate dinner: Macaroni with some weird white sauce and sided with boiled sausages, also cold and  then we had a party that lasted until 1:00 AM. At around the middle of the party, some students from the other schools, Got on the stage, told the DJ to play “Wiggle” by Jason DeRulo, and started twerking, everybody was stunned… That doesn’t sound right, lemme rephrase that: everybody was weirded out…

Third day (no night this time 😂): I got up, I didn’t really feel well, everyone went down to have breakfast, while I stood in my room and slept for a while. I woke up at around 11:00 AM then we gathered at 12:00 AM, got our packed lunch: Ham and Cheese sandwiches, topped with mayonnaise and Margarine, we got on the bus and headed back home!

In general, it wasn’t really that interesting for me.

You can also check out the projects’ blog.

So yeah, that’s about it. And remember, Peace and Love ❤

n1ghtmarE reviews: An Abundance of Katherines


Hello dreamers, n1ghtmarE here. I haven’t been able to post much since I’ve been really sick, but I’m feeling much better now. Today’s topic is a little different. It’s not gaming, it’s not YouTube, it’s about a book that I’ve been reading lately.

I’ve been reading “An abundance of Katherines” from my favorite author, John Green. Note that there are gonna be spoilers in this blog post, so if you’re planning on reading this book, maybe you shouldn’t read this post 😛

In this book, John Green speaks about Colin Singleton, a child prodigy who feared that he might lose his “genius” status as an adult and the best part is that he only dated girls named Katherine (exactly 19 of them so far) spelled exactly that way. The book is a third person narrative of Colin’s life after the breakup of Katherine XIX. He and his [best and only] friend Hassan decide to go to a road trip to cure Colin of his heartbreak. During the road trip, they decide to head to Gutshot, Tennessee, the resting place of Archduke Ferdinand. While there, they meet Lindsey Lee Wells, her mother and her friends. Lindsey’s mother gives them jobs so they decide to stay there for a while. There they would have the time of their lives.

I find this book particularly interesting since it’s the perfect combination of comedy, romance, heartbreak and math (yes I do enjoy math).

This book is written in third-person narrative style because as John Green quoted that Colin is not good enough at telling stories that seem interesting to people.

So yeah. That’s it.

Thanks for reading and remember, Peace and Love ❤



Hey dreamers, n1ghtmarE here!

Judging from the Strawpoll, the most (and the only) voted option was dreamers. I don’t have anything else to say except that you should be expecting a new video by tomorrow (or today if I don’t feel lazy).

So yeah. That’s about it.

Thanks for reading, and remember: Peace and Love ❤

What would you like me to call you?

Okay so, I really hate the terms “hello internet” or “hi guys” they’re just waaaay to overused. I want to be a little more original, so you can vote here:
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Also check out my latest video! coldzera the beast going mad against Liquid ❤


So yeah, that’s it.

and remember, Peace and Love ❤

The process of recording and starting to edit a YouTube video.


Hello Internet! I am back with my second blog post, and today’s topic is recording and partially editing a CS:GO YouTube Video.

First of all, I open the game, set all Video/Graphics settings to max and set the resolution to 1280×720 Windowed (So you can see the recording software to make sure it’s recording), then I open the demo and go to the tick where the play almost starts, set the playback speed to 0.25x (We’ll get to why I do this later) and start recording using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) at a resolution of (once again) 1280×720 at 60fps with 1700 bitrate.

Once I’m done recording the video, I replay the same demo, record it again but this time in normal (1x) speed for the sound. Once I’m done with that, I sometimes like to do a cinematic camera thing but that’s a topic for another day.

Now that the recording is done, I open up Sony Vegas 13 Pro, load up the files that I just recorded and I go on the lookout to find copyright-free (IMPORTANT!!) music that would go well with the video.

Once I’ve found my music, first thing I do is set the video speed to 4x because remember, we recorded at 0.25 speed so 0.25×4=1 and with that, we get 60×4 fps to work with (around 240 fps) so we can use slow motion up to 4x as slow as the original and still get 60fps.

Next I sync the sound with the video and start the editing process.

So yeah, those were the basics on getting high fps on your videos even though your computer may be bad. Thanks for reading, and remember, Peace and Love ❤

P.S. What would you like to know about in the next blog post? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

P.P.S. Congrats to Luminosity on winning their first CS:GO Major Tournament and bringing home $500,000

P.P.P.S.  Why are you still reading this?

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P.P.P.P.P.S. Okay I’m getting angry now. LEAVE THE POST NOW.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Don’t worry I still love you ❤

Introduction to myself :D

Who am I?

Hello people of the internet! My name is Amar but you better call me n1ghtmarE or.. orrrr….. eh never mind 😀

Okay so on a serious note, my name’s Amar “n1ghtmarE” Ademi and I’m an amateur YouTube content creator and a really decent graphic designer. I upload Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, different types of tutorials etc.

On this blog you can except some random rants about youtube, the process of editing a photo/video, days in my life, photo sessions, random usual bullcrap, etc.

My first video on YouTube video was uploaded around 5-6 years ago and it still lies as a private video on my channel since it’s way too embarrassing to keep public. My upload “schedule” (so to say) is quite random but at least I try to get a video up per week.

So yeah.

That’s me. Like me or not, I do not care.
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Thanks for reading and don’t forget, Peace and Love ❤

One thing you can expect from me is the overuse of emojis 😉 😀 ❤ :*